Hangi test daha kolay? IELTS mi PTE mi?


Hello everyone,

I took my pte last week on friday and they posted results on saturday. I took advantage of some posts on quora so I wanted to give back some of my experiences.

  • PTE vs IELTS: In terms of score calculation, PTE is much better. It gives partial points and even if you think you did really bad you can get good results. But, PTE has some very specific question types that might be difficult. They won’t be only judging your english skills. You need prepare for these question types. If you can get ready PTE will be favorable. IELTS have a difficult speaking scoring. Last time I thought I was perfect, but only got 7. Also, IELTS writing can fool you, too To compare my Ielts and PTE results were like this:

  • Ielts: W:6.5 R: 8.5 L:8 S:7 Overall 7.5

  • Pte: W:82 R:86 L:90 S:90 Overall:89

  • Pte Scored Practice: W:76 R:72 L:72 S:51

  • Scored Practice test isn’t cheap. But, it is helpful if you are taking PTE for the first time like me to understand the process. It also clearly shows where you need to focus.

  • Preparation: In general, I studied for 2 weeks intensely. I used one the links a guy posted on quora. Thanks a lot for it again, I couldn’t find his post later to thank. There are several tests with keys, make sure to use that. I only used that. Also in general I found pratice tests harder.

  • PTE Preparation Materials - Google Drive

  • Writing: I studied using tests, nothing special. Just find a tactic for one sentence summaries, and try to read tips for weird question types. Other than that writing isn’t a big deal. Try to focus on your grammar and how well you covered the idea in questions.

  • Reading: Again the tests, at least 8 of them. You will do a lot of reading when studying. Try to understand as much as possible while doing that.

  • Listening: This is easy. For writing from dictation, don’t worry if you don’t remember or understand every word. I’m % 100 sure I missed some stuff on exam but still get 90. Work on your note taking skills.

  • Speaking: In general, this was the most difficul one. 2 days before the exam I took scored practice test and I got only 51 from speaking. For 2 days I only worked on speaking.

  • Graphs/ Charts: Open google, type charts and explain them as much as possible. I must have seen 100s of charts and explain them to myself. Important things: 1- Speak slowly, you don’t need to tell everything, make sure you are fluent, and thats it. I’m again % 100 sure I told some stuff wrong and I missed a lot of points, but still scored 90.(my tactic for graphs: Tell the main point by using chart headlines, Tell the years, Tell the max and its number/year, If you still have time talk about some trend etc. - Keep checking your time and adjust you speed.) Previous week, I was creazy, I could’t get better on timing or telling. But slowly by using this tactic I become somewhat efficient 2- Yes there are noises from other speakers, but if you concentrate it’s nothing. Especially, if they speak very loud, don’t you start to speak louder. Keep your voice calm, which will calm you. Just try to speak like it’s nothing. 3- Don’t forget to work on pictures. I got 2 pictures I think. 4- Don’t forget process maps. I’m sure I completely misunderstood the process but still talked in a confident manner. 5- Don’t try to remember every word in repeat sentence. Only key ones enough. 6- Don’t write every work in re tell lecture. Key points are more than enough .Your pace and clearity is more important.

I don’t want to write too long, but I hope this helps some of you. If you have any questions, you can write comments.

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